Sweet, misty, musky, haze creeps warm through the window crack, caressing my icy cheek, luring me back.

Standing in the portal, faces lit by the rapid fire assault of heaven raining it’s fury of fiery streams from the sky as the earth quakes in the cacophony of the vacuum of it’s wake. Ghostly blues from by gone days drip down the stairs to be swallowed by the silver pellet percussion band playing outside.

I am aware of the moment, yet lost in the majesty of this earth, and the mystery that I would find my way to stand here in this space and time with you, understanding pouring down upon us.

My breath caught away in the wind rushing past, blowing my parking lot ocean into waves rippling up to my toes. Water black and glittering gold in the rain streaked street light one moment, the next a flash of an endless expanse of silver lined heavenly landscape. I fancy diving in to its undetermined depths when I feel your hand soft upon my weary, naked head.

Your caress sliding gently down to rest softly on the nape of my neck, warm, reassuring. My body falls limp at your touch and I am thankful to share this perfect moment with you as suddenly, I am not alone.


The lovely images displayed are by the talented artist Ray Ferrer from Urban Wall Art who stopped by and showed some love on my very first post. <3 I wandered back over to his blog and became completely mesmerized by this artist’s unique ability to separate light and darkness to create complex images with stencil and spray paint. It boggles my mind a little bit. How does he do that? -I don’t know, I don’t want to spoil the mystery either ;) Do yourself a favor and take a little time to enjoy his work.
He graciously encouraged me to decorate my page with whatever I liked and these two had struck some emotional chords, reminding me of this piece I wrote a few years ago.