A Place for Everything

I started to unpack a box this weekend. It has been awhile since I got the nerve up to begin unpacking again. There are a few boxes left in the basement, some in the garage, a stack way off in the pole barn all abandoned at some point in moving through a dozen lifetimes and back. I have my eye on one in the basement. It was the one I left off on last time I tried to make myself at home and I had a suspicion that it held most of what I needed to complete my project. Continue reading

The Unbearable Burden of Abuse

People sometimes suggest that by staying with the man who abused me, I somehow deserve what he did to me. I often wonder if these people would take the same attitude with a person who had been a hostage or prisoner of war. I lived for four years in survival mode, because a sociopath controlled my every move with threats and would destroy any life I tried to create. During much of this time I was incapable of making decisions due to suffering so much psychological trauma on a daily basis. Continue reading

Free From Your Chains

While exiting the store today I saw a man that could have been you if he hadn’t been wearing the shoes of a homeless person, and if you weren’t entirely dead. He met my gaze and stared like he saw a ghost. He wasn’t as handsome as I remember you and I didn’t want to throw my arms around the neck of this man, which was always my first instinct whenever I have found myself in your presence. Continue reading