Syringa Vulgaris

It is Lilac season here. Lilacs are my favorite. I have lots of favorites actually. Call me fickle, I don’t care much for labels, it’s all just a matter of fleeting opinions. Syringa Vulgaris, the common shepards’s flute are a very special kind of favorite due to the way they make me feel when I breathe the air that they exist in, and it has been that way all my life. Continue reading

It’s All About m(e)

My humble submission in response to The Daily Prompt, Say My Name.

Miranda Annette Smith, an extremely long and rather extraordinary given name for the runt of a common truck driver with an even more common Surname. As a child, I hated my first name; it was just about the most annoying word I had ever heard, but becomes only slightly more tolerable with the addition of my middle name. I also felt it was too lengthy, it took forever to write, especially since my dyslexic self had a tendency to form the a’s and d backward in my own name until I was eight. Continue reading