Benefits of Friendship

Every person in my life who is concerned for my well-being insists that I go out alone and be social on a regular basis.  I understand why they want me to; a person needs to have connections to get by in the world and not lose touch with reality.  Most people have friends already, I haven’t lived anywhere long enough to develop those relationships and my children absorb all my attention and energy, but there is a lot that they are unable to give back.  Adults need adult relationships for a host of reasons that I do not need to list here.  Yet I avoid them because I am broken, and do not feel I have much to offer.   I recognize I need to be social because the longer I keep myself secluded, the less I care to get out, the more difficult it becomes to even fetch groceries.  Continue reading

Summer Time Rules

Eighty degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. These are the days that we Northlanders live for. Eight months out of the year we dream of this time, we keep it vibrant in our memory with mementos gathered on outdoor excursions; stones, shells, and fossils are stacked into shrines around our home and feathers, dried flowers, and the delicate remains of egg shells and butterfly wings fill bowls and baskets near our bedside. Solid, tangible evidence to serve as a reminder that light, life, and warmth will return. Continue reading