Thank You Isn’t Enough

I wonder if it’s you I meet in outer space
I wonder if I’ll ever get to see your face
Your silence feels as cold as these north winds on my heart
What do I have to do to play a part
  In your life
I know that people do what they must to survive
I’m sad for all your sorrow but glad you’re still alive
  You come back stronger
Every time you cross my path you leave me wanting more
I drink deeply of your water and lay naked on your shore
  In my dreams
The truth is that we make time for the things that we desire
I long to feel you next to me and linger by your fire
  In spite of what I say
Please forgive me if my attitude
Does not express my gratitude
  I’m indebted
You took some time to heal my soul when I’d lost my will to live
And now the more I find myself the more I want to give
  To you