Into the Fire


Hi, Lilly here, I want to thank everyone who liked my poem. I am really touched that people not only read, but also liked my post. I love writing, so much that I’m going to be an author when I grow up. I have already had a taste when my poem Fire was published in Accolades.

One night last summer, I was getting comfortable in my bed to play on my IPad before I went to sleep. I flipped up the cover and typed in the password. I was about to read Warrior Cats, my all-time favorite books in the world when I saw that annoying little red dot with a one above the mail app. I was kind of confuzled because I didn’t ever get Email, I was only eleven!

I decided to open up the app. I fumbled around with it for a good five minutes, amateurishly trying to find where the heck the new letter was.

I finally found it and the letter read: “Dear Lillian, we would like to publish your poem, “Fire” in a new poetry book entitled Accolades.” At first I was confused but then I remembered the poem I sent in for a contest when I was still in school.

I was really proud of that poem so naturally, I was uber excited. I went upstairs immediately to show my mom and she was really proud (probably more so than me :D). It was pretty late so she decided that in the morning, we would call dad and ask him to send in the form.

That night it was hard to get to sleep because I could not believe I had actually made it into a published book!

It took soooo long for the book to get here, I pestered my mom countless times asking when it would come. When it finally arrived, I thought it was awesome that my poem is the third one in the entire book!

That was when I got the first taste of being published and I wanted to start writing on the blog with my mom to nurture my writing so I can grow and achieve my dream. But for now you can expect poems, stories, and other prose from me.

Over and out!