Life Frozen in Time

I’m sitting at the new kitchen table my God blessed Sister of sorts drove 600 miles through seventeen inches of snow and ice over highways closed to lesser angels in order to deliver her gift to the girls and me. She only just got home last night. How can I ever express my appreciation for this woman who sees a need, then does what it takes to fill it? While sitting for a chit-chat before she headed back home, she mentioned she liked the arm warmers my mom crocheted the girls for Christmas. When I told this to my mother, she was digging in her yarn stash before I brought up a color preference, (purple) then whipped up two pair so one pair could be sent on to her daughter as well. How can I ever express my appreciation for this woman who sees a need, then does what it takes to fill it? Continue reading

Who Needs to Sit on Elmo?

I bought my final pack of diapers last week. We now have panties sporting either stars or puppies on next week’s shopping list because our littlest big girl decided she agrees that panties are just more comfortable than diapers. Everyone is quite proud of her, and she is feeling pretty good about herself as well.

The first time I took her out with no diaper we were both a little nervous, but I needed a few things at the hardware store and we are never more than 5 minutes from home if we stay in town. Days before, I had promised her I would take her out for a doughnut as soon as she showed me she could keep her pants dry. After half a week’s success, she felt she was ready to hold me to that promise as well. I assumed we would be safe with a precautionary toilet break just before we left; we were going out for less than an hour after all, and you have to start somewhere. Continue reading

The Ties That Bind

my clan

Last Saturday morning I put the children in my care into my car and drove 3 hours to Z’s mom’s house. (Yes, for those paying attention, that is technically my ex-mother-in-law, we shall call her “Mumsy”.) She reports to other that she is surprised that she could get along with me, I am surprised that people try to *not* get along with me. I love the woman, never any less for the war she fights within herself, but one cannot ignore that her prejudice can create some angsty situations.  Continue reading

Chaos and Creation

Well, August is bringing a list of non-stop surprises and I am finding myself mostly on top of the wave, even after (or possibly because) I somehow had inadvertently jumped ahead and misplaced an entire week of August.  I know normal people use numbers on calendars to keep track of that sort of thing but currently, that is too complicated for my head so I am attempting to remember events in color shaded blobs. And no, my alternative time keeping is obviously not working out for me either. Continue reading