Who Needs to Sit on Elmo?

I bought my final pack of diapers last week. We now have panties sporting either stars or puppies on next week’s shopping list because our littlest big girl decided she agrees that panties are just more comfortable than diapers. Everyone is quite proud of her, and she is feeling pretty good about herself as well.

The first time I took her out with no diaper we were both a little nervous, but I needed a few things at the hardware store and we are never more than 5 minutes from home if we stay in town. Days before, I had promised her I would take her out for a doughnut as soon as she showed me she could keep her pants dry. After half a week’s success, she felt she was ready to hold me to that promise as well. I assumed we would be safe with a precautionary toilet break just before we left; we were going out for less than an hour after all, and you have to start somewhere. Continue reading

Thank You Isn’t Enough

I wonder if it’s you I meet in outer space
I wonder if I’ll ever get to see your face
Your silence feels as cold as these north winds on my heart
What do I have to do to play a part
  In your life
I know that people do what they must to survive
I’m sad for all your sorrow but glad you’re still alive
  You come back stronger
Every time you cross my path you leave me wanting more
I drink deeply of your water and lay naked on your shore
  In my dreams
The truth is that we make time for the things that we desire
I long to feel you next to me and linger by your fire
  In spite of what I say
Please forgive me if my attitude
Does not express my gratitude
  I’m indebted
You took some time to heal my soul when I’d lost my will to live
And now the more I find myself the more I want to give
  To you

The Voices in My Head

Alrighty. The new to-do list is certainly changing the energy in me, as well as our home. I’m hitting about 85% of all of my goals, which is not too bad. Last week’s items that are giving me the most trouble are the 7 Tibetans, mostly because #3 aggravates a shoulder injury caused by ass hat nearly two years ago. It gives me hell every time I do any hard labor. I want it to get better so I’m hoping to find some yoga poses to help fix that. Continue reading