Chaos and Creation

Well, August is bringing a list of non-stop surprises and I am finding myself mostly on top of the wave, even after (or possibly because) I somehow had inadvertently jumped ahead and misplaced an entire week of August.  I know normal people use numbers on calendars to keep track of that sort of thing but currently, that is too complicated for my head so I am attempting to remember events in color shaded blobs. And no, my alternative time keeping is obviously not working out for me either. Continue reading

Summer Time Rules

Eighty degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. These are the days that we Northlanders live for. Eight months out of the year we dream of this time, we keep it vibrant in our memory with mementos gathered on outdoor excursions; stones, shells, and fossils are stacked into shrines around our home and feathers, dried flowers, and the delicate remains of egg shells and butterfly wings fill bowls and baskets near our bedside. Solid, tangible evidence to serve as a reminder that light, life, and warmth will return. Continue reading

Syringa Vulgaris

It is Lilac season here. Lilacs are my favorite. I have lots of favorites actually. Call me fickle, I don’t care much for labels, it’s all just a matter of fleeting opinions. Syringa Vulgaris, the common shepards’s flute are a very special kind of favorite due to the way they make me feel when I breathe the air that they exist in, and it has been that way all my life. Continue reading