The Voices in My Head

Alrighty. The new to-do list is certainly changing the energy in me, as well as our home. I’m hitting about 85% of all of my goals, which is not too bad. Last week’s items that are giving me the most trouble are the 7 Tibetans, mostly because #3 aggravates a shoulder injury caused by ass hat nearly two years ago. It gives me hell every time I do any hard labor. I want it to get better so I’m hoping to find some yoga poses to help fix that. Continue reading

30 Days to a New You

September might as well not even exist. By the time I recover from “back-to-school” syndrome, the Holidays are looming, and I’m dreading the onset of winter. I would like to report that I am stripping the last of summer out of the incredibly mild days we’ve been enjoying recently while completing all the tasks I set for myself this season. Continue reading

A Place for Everything

I started to unpack a box this weekend. It has been awhile since I got the nerve up to begin unpacking again. There are a few boxes left in the basement, some in the garage, a stack way off in the pole barn all abandoned at some point in moving through a dozen lifetimes and back. I have my eye on one in the basement. It was the one I left off on last time I tried to make myself at home and I had a suspicion that it held most of what I needed to complete my project. Continue reading