The Voices in My Head

Alrighty. The new to-do list is certainly changing the energy in me, as well as our home. I’m hitting about 85% of all of my goals, which is not too bad. Last week’s items that are giving me the most trouble are the 7 Tibetans, mostly because #3 aggravates a shoulder injury caused by ass hat nearly two years ago. It gives me hell every time I do any hard labor. I want it to get better so I’m hoping to find some yoga poses to help fix that. Continue reading

The Unbearable Burden of Abuse

People sometimes suggest that by staying with the man who abused me, I somehow deserve what he did to me. I often wonder if these people would take the same attitude with a person who had been a hostage or prisoner of war. I lived for four years in survival mode, because a sociopath controlled my every move with threats and would destroy any life I tried to create. During much of this time I was incapable of making decisions due to suffering so much psychological trauma on a daily basis. Continue reading